Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pissed off

Hey guys,

It has been too long since the i update. I seriously thought i wasn't coming back but now, here i am. Telling you stories. I'm so fucked up ain't i? Well, you could say.

So right in the title, ' PISSED OFF ' well, that is certainly showing you how am i feeling right now. You see, back these times, my life is kinda tough i say.  Plus, i have this sister that really really trying to mess with my ass. Back when i feel like starting to you know, even liking her, there she goes making things to piss me off. Every time of the day, she tries to show to me that she is better and she have better stuffs than me. I seriously don't get her points of doing that. Most of the time, i'll just ignore her because i'm 16 going 17 and i think it is so dumb to fight over stuff like that. Tonight, she is starting to get in my nerve. Bitch i swear i am almost to my limit where i could slap her face a thousand times just now but still, i use the last of my patience on her.

I'm a Muslim girl. So sorry, i didn't mean to touch things regarding religions here. My point is, tonight is Christmas Eve. As well as everyone knows, Muslim's can't wish a Happy Christmas to the Christians. I am a BELIEBER. I STAY STRONG IN THAT. My dreadful shitty sister keeps on telling me it is wrong to wish a happy eve to them, to Justin. Then, my cousin asked  me about my plan to bake some Christmas cookies. She was reading some recipes that moment. Then my sister is yelling at me that i don't understand that we can't celebrate Christmas. The thing is, I AM NOT CELEBRATING IT! I DON'T EVEN WISH A THING TO JUSTIN! ALL I SAID TO JUSTIN WAS, "bless you and your family" I BET THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CELEBRATING THE EVE! YET SHE STILL KEEPS ON BLAMING AND YELLING AT ME LIKE I DID WRONG. I JUST WANTED TO BAKE COOKIES! JUST COOKIES FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! WTF LIKE? UGHHHH!!!

She is trying to show to my cousin that she is the best and i am not. What is with that? I don't feel like competing. She is jealous of me yes. BUT SERIOUSLY? CROSSING ME OUT EVERY SINGLE TIME OF THE DAY? What did i even do to her? I just don't get it!

Shit i hate this! so damn much! Erghhh! I know my boundaries, my limits! She trying to act like she knows every thing about me and use it back against me. She thinks she is an angel? Well sorry but you are not!

I'm writtng again and i'm in a process to begin a novel. Maybe i'll start as a one shot first. Bit by bit, i will catch up. Hopefully.

Anyways, if you're reading this, thank you. So sorry with the censored words. I'm so angry. Thanks again, read more soon! Goodbye!

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